Custom Monogram Lighting

MonogramAre you planning a big event you want to be extra special? Do you want your event to be stylish, but you're afraid your budget won't allow it? If you want to transform an ordinary event to a high-class exclusive party that will surely be talked about for months, try using Custom Monogram Lighting.

The most unique way to put a special touch on your reception is to "Light it up" in elegant fashion for everyone to see. Traditionally used at weddings, this awesome addition to your wedding reception will put the spotlight on the both of you so everyone knows it's your day to shine!

We can project your name or initials and dates on most all surfaces and your family and friends will be thrilled as they dance around your name projected on your dance floor. Projected the monogram onto a wall for your entire reception for everyone to admire, brighten up your dance floor or a blank wall - whichever you decide, this will definitely create a magical ambiance at your reception.

Custom Monogram Lighting is the perfect way to add a personal touch to your Special Day!

Illuminate your wedding night with our beautiful Custom Monogram Lighting and accent it with the amazing glow of Uplighting!!